Nexala - A Trimble Company P2M Performance Planning Management

Nexala P2M

Planning & Performance Management

The Nexala P2M system uses timetable, actual vehicle location and real-time diagnostic information to help identify the root cause of delays and plan journeys for optimum timetable adherence.

Through a combination of journey planning and improved driver awareness, P2M is also used to maximise energy/fuel efficiency and manage driver behavior.

The system also provides the operations team with in-service recommendations when fleet failures occur to reduce delays and penalties.

P2M is also available as an on-board cab advisory system.

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Trimble announced March 9, 2017 that it is partnering with Illinois-based Railhead Corporation to integrate real-time remote monitoring, diagnostics and on-board video to maximize locomotive asset utilization and productivity for railway operators. This combination will provide a complete picture of rail asset status to improve tracking, safety and operations. As part of the collaboration, Railhead will also offer the Trimble® R2M remote diagnostic system as part of its portfolio in the U.S.



  • Reduce in service delays and performance penalties through real-time alarms and alerts along with recommended actions to rectify problems as they occur
  • Improved energy/fuel consumption by constant analysis of in-service performance and driving patterns
  • Improved maintenance scheduling
  • Improve punctuality of service using timetable, location and on train diagnostic data
  • Improve timetable conformance & timetable revisions by monitoring route timing points and fleet location
  • Improved delay attribution by correlating real-time on train diagnostic with delay information


  • Detailed vehicle performance monitoring and recovery system identifying faults and patterns of faults to prevent in-service problems
  • Graphical in-service fault finding guide
  • Knowledge based fault recovery
  • Vehicle and fleet location tracking through mapping software
  • View cab equipment in real-time from the control room to understand the drivers experience
  • Interactive and predictive fault detection through the definition of rules and alarms using an intuitive graphical user interface
  • New alerts and rules can be defined and added to the system without affecting the vehicles in service
  • Real-time cross fleet performance monitoring identifying trends as they occur within the fleet
  • Control room and maintenance depot integration
  • Timetable performance analysis
  • Section delay analysis
  • Real-time delay information with root cause identification